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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  February 28, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 &ptuesday, february 28th. 3 3
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3 3 3- 3
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a second student has now died from the school shooting in chardon ohio. ohio.russell king junior and daniel parmertor were killed monday after police say 17 year old t-j lane opened ire in the high school cafeteria. classes are cancelled today... staff today in honor of the victims.lane will also appear ii court today to answer the charges... his attorney says lane is extremely upset abbut the shooting. ((he's vvryyconfused... very distraught himself))((:54 this is a very scary... in the middle of. 1:04)
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1:04))lane's family attorney also says lane is also very remorseffl. a career burglar caught in &ptowson... now faces... attempted murder charges. charges.a shattered window reminds neighbors of what police say local actor georgge stover....came home to find a old was shot but still managed to get out of the house and call police. hoors later officers arrested 49-year old bradford holup... a career criminal who has been arrested seeeral times in the past on charges of burglary .. theft and assault with intent to murder. baltimore's city council will bottle tax.mayor sttphanie rawlings blake wants to raise it from 2 cents to 5 cents per . bottle.she says raising the bottle ax by 150-percent is the only way to secure funding for improvements to city distributors and supermarket
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owners feel it's unfair.they say the 2--ent tax... approved last year... has alleady hit their profits hard. they believe the mayoo is targettng them... a retaliation against them for fighting the tax so hard last year. "personally i feel it is... depend on.""at the end of the day, we need revenue on the table so we can leverage those ffnds... improve out school sys" system."the bottle tax bill was refered to a will likely come up ffr vote next month. 3 all eyessare on arizona and michigan today... as voters have theer say in the race for the republican presidential nomination. recent polls shows the race is romney and rick santorum. romney holds a one-and-a- half point lead over santorum... while ron paul and newt
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gingrich trail the leaders by more than 15 points. points.santorum is running one of the most socially conservative campaigns in ddcades....buttromney is using a line of attack on him... that he normmlly reserves for president obama. romney says: "senator santorum is a nice guy but he's never had a job in the private sector. sector.santorum says: "all reporters in the back they say, oh there's santorum talking about social issues again. no, i'mmtalking about freedom. " to see all of our stories abbut the race for the white house... go to fox-baltimore dot com... and click on the vote 2012 icon in the news features section.all of thh storiee on our website are freee 231 nominations have been submitted... for the 2012 nobel peacc prize. prize.but probbbly the most talked- about nominee.... bradley manningg manning. he's the arry private accused of leaking more than a quarter million classified state and defense departmeet documents to the wikileaks website.the million dollars. winners will be announced in october.
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3 even if you may never star in an academy award winning movie.. you can still own an . oscar.fifteen oscar statues will be sold at auction tooay. the academy of motion picture arts is not happp about the sale. official winners since 1950 have had to sign a contract promising they will sell oscar back to the academy for a dollar if they don't only hitch is that you'll need a movie-star budget to win one. the statues are expected to fetch more than a quarter-million bucks each. ((lady in red, s dancing with
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me... cheek to cheek)) cheek))he knew it all the way back in 1986... now a new study confirms... men are more attracted to women wearing red. the reason: because men think thhy are less likely to be rejected by a woman in red. red. scientists from the university of rochester say the cooor of passion makes womee seem more attractive by about how receptive they might be to sexual advances. advances. the authors of the study say probably stems from biological instincts rather than simply social perception of the vibrant color. 3
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one puppy proves to be a big buudle of energy. pnerry.((roll over major...)) major...))forget rolling over... one dog has a trick that keeps him... and his watching fox 45 good ay baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break 1))
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--popsicle plunge t gunpowder state park... a day at the beach, jump in solo or as a team to benefit the marshy point nature center council--meterologist emily gracey is live at rocky point park with the details on this morning's hometown hotspot --exhibits, games, and contests for prixes--hot food food 3 the popsicle plunge is at
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gunpowder state park on saturday.for more information, log on to fox baltimore dot ccm slash morning.
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one dog gets dizzy on the floor! floor!((music))the dog that's turning heads... aad why one
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((nats)) --shitzu puppy nameddmajor --chases his own tail--sent in by one of our facebook fans... katrice!
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3 3 3 3
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3 get in shape... with moves to make it faster. faster.personaa trainer danny lee shows us how to get more next.and if you want freee
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best prices in sight. we're back with personal trainer danny lee from good's gym.he's here for this morning's get fit with ffx... bang for your buck during your - workout.he''l llo answer any questions you ave about your fitness routine.our phone lines are open us at 410-481-4545...--compound exercises--these exercises will give you more bang for your buck -- ggt ou twice the results in half the time for oneesegment --you don't need anything but your own bbdy &pweight to do them--calls
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3 3
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angelica bmore carolyn ,3westminster
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westminstermamie asks, "what's 3westminster westminster mamie asks, "what's the best
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way to build your endurance?"" - dinner hour calls that drive
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you uts. nuts. (25:33) "i'm soory i don't know who you are bye..." bye...."tte fight over some are gonig to extremes to get rid of them. them.and the top 24 finalists are getting set to singgfor your votee on american idol.a look at the top men contenders ... and the message our own hallie day is sending to baltim. watching fox 45 good day baltimore. sot to break ((break 4))
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man: we need a good night's sleep. woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built.
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you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling] 3 3 3 3 3
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895 map the remains of army major robert archanti. are back on american soil. you see a "dignified trannfer" of his remainn at dover air force base in delaware.the ormer baltimore county teacher and national guardsman was serving in afghanistan when he was killed saturdayy he.. along with annther military service member... wasskilled during an attack on the afghan interior ministry. the men were workinggin a small room at the &pnational "police coordination center" when the gunman enteeed the room.those who knew him before he was sent to afghanistan... remember (mm. lawson/parent) "i just didn't expect something likee that to happen. but, it just
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highliihts the fact people sacrifice greath lengths to protect s and to serve ur cou" country."marchanti's son is a baltimore city firefiihter... so the department will fly flags at half staff in memory of the fallen soldier. marchanti leaves behind a wife and four children. 3a fiery explosion rocks the daytona 500. 500."what a turn of events... never in my llfe... oh my gosh" &pgosh"the field was under caution when driver juan pablo montoya ran into the back of a truck used to dy fuel from the track.the collosion caussd the fuel to eeplode into a huge fireball.... setting the truck and montoya's car on fire.the race would be red-flagged for over an hour and a half. in the end... it was matt kenseth that won the race.danica patrick ... who was ggtting to start her irst daytona... finished 38th. gas prices are up again... for the 21st day in a row.
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row.the national average for a regular allon of gas... now stands t 3-dollars and 72 marrland... drivers are paying an average of 3-70 at the pump.gas prices &pare up 13-percent so far in 20-12....nd it's only februaay. long lines are forming in california ... to save money at the pump.this safeway grocery store is selling regualr gas or 4-dollars and 5-centt a gallon.that's 35 cents cheaper than the gas station across the street. shoppers with a club card got an additional got &pso crowded monday... owners had to bring in people to direct traffic. with prices like that... why not fill up with fox 45?!we're cards!we gave 3 away this - &pmorning... and we have more t give átomorrow.á just tune in to fox45 morning news for your chance to he meantime.. you can go to foxbaltimore dot com for
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officiaa contest rules. the summer olympics are just around the corner. spectacle.34 tons of twisttd steel shaped like the olymppc ringg are coming together in a dockyard.the gigantic rrngs will light up áandá float in olympicss thames for the - the men go first... in a 3 night american idol extravaganz. extravaganza.((singing)) ((singiig))coming up... your first look at the top fiialists on the men's side... and why one contestant is hoping winning is all in his na. name.and sunny skies today... bbt rain is moving in.when you'll need your umbrellas... next. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimmre. ((break 5))
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"i had not totally sold out to god. i'd go back into the club for a week and work at night and not tell anyone." "after i really started surrendering everything to god, i could feel that he wanted me to do more for him. that it wasn't just about me. it was about helping others as i had been helped." "i am filled beyond belief. i have joy. i have peace."
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"if i he can take me and he can change me, he did, he can do it for anybody." it's time to caption this!
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this!today on our facebook page we posted a picture of a dog dressed as a'ss what some of you captioned it. franky sayss "let me be your ki" catcher won't find me now." - now." here's some of your other captions...((áááad libááá))if you want tooplay along... join us on our facebook page at facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. ((toss to weather)) 3 ((ad lib meteorologist))
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they're the dinner hour phone calls you don't want to answwr. companies you don't wanna be bothered and 2-3 days later ttee'll call you back." telemarketers... the eetreme steps many are taking to stop the phone from ringing. and later... a sneak peek at american idol... as the top men get ready to take the a message from our own baltimiore idol. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3 3
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nearly 10 years after the government established the "do not call registry"... telemarketers are still calling. calling.last year, maryland's attorney general received more
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than two-hundred consumer complaints about telemarketers. this morning... jeff abell discoverr why phones are still ringing and wwy consumers are taking extteme measures o silence them. them. (city wide shot) (nats offringing) at brenda lee spicer's place... (nats of ringing) life used to be simple.... but lateey... (nats inging) its been simply miierable.... (15:53) "you're in the middle of something. the phone rings. you pick it up. hello....!" at least five timessa day....there's a stranger on the line.. (16:05) "hi, we're calling toorefinance your loan. i don't have a" they're unsolicited..... (25:33) "i'm sorry i un-wanted..... e...." (14:35) "you tell the companies you don't wanna be bothered and 223 days later they'll call you baak." and, at times, un-nerving.... (32:17) "and he said, i've watched you walk up and down thh streets all the time, i know where you're at ann i said, well, come to my house, what's your address....?" (36:31) "one on one marketing...." she keeps count of the companies who call..... (34:02) "class her number..... 36:44) -
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this time, numbee one on one...." and her address...... (39:08) "they just come in the mail....." lately, those vyiing for her attentton have showeree her with gifts. diabetic and keep crowding her meters... (38:48) "but when you have to reelace the strips and the needles they all start at 30-dollars and thhy go up...." spicer can't figure out how she's become a target.... she placed her number, years ago, on the governments 'do not call' egistry... but "do not call"....doesn't necessariiy mean "do not disturb". (19:11) "i think its a rral joke. its not doong what they promised us it would do..." (15:188 (anne mckenna) "all kinds of loooholes have come up in the do not call...." despite heavy penalties, attorney anne mckenna says some companies are choosing to (mckknna) "you have fly by nitt companies that are not following the federal law and of making a phone ccll....: the government still allows polittcal and charitable calls..... as well as any company which consumers do
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business with....and that is where buyers should bbware. ((-18-11 archive story) (angie barnett) "by doing
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individual companies are also required to keep their own "dd not call" reeistries. experts say consumers should request their number be placed on those lists too. it's time to meet your top 24. 24.((singing)) ((singingg)coming up.. get to know tte male finalists... on american idol... and find out how one contestant thinks he &ppan use his name to win over fans. you're watching foxx45 good day baltimore. ((break 7))
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that's 1.877.827.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. look at this bed! this nightstand! this wardrobe!
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what are you doing here? you're in ikea. my dream bedroom is in ikea? yes. what's that bedroom over there? that's your husband's dream bedroom. whatever your style, take home your dream bedroom together. ikea. the life improvement store. for theefirst time this seeson, we will get to hear the american idol finalists sing live tonight. tonight. candace is here wiih a preview of tte performances. top 13 guys willltake the .the - stage in less than 12 hours. preview. preview. 3 3 (((pkg))) americannidol's hollywood week issin the books, and now
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it's your turn to weigh-in on the competition. the hoping to win america's vote.e - pikens says: "the sheer level of how worldwide and nationwide this show is really going to take a toll on e i think to be in front of that audience. "grimm sayy: " for me it's not about convincing america, it's about convincing myself, you have to be it no take it they take it but they''e not going to take it &pif your not going to give it. besides singing in front of millions and the pressure to give a flawless performance...there'' always that pesky problem of picking the right song. fraker says: "i think there's so mmny variables you can't control you have to focuu on the few you ccn, so you have your song choice here's what i'm going to sing, then it's like how am i going to iiterpret the song. "rosado says: "i'm really nervous, i'm going to pick the
9:52 am
right song god willing, i'm just going to connect with them, i want the american public to feel everytime i sing to them. feel a sense of happiness, just like me please 3 like me please. " a fee finalists say they're happy the judges are now joined by a live ssudio audience.brackensick says: "crowds are so much more instead of three peopll nt of - starring you down. " franckkwitz says: "i love being in front of eople like big rrwds that's what i love to do and i'm so pump but 3 superstars 20 ft aaay from you is so much worse. " and if you have a catchy nickname, that can't hurt. brock says: "they asked me why i should be the next american idol and it's always that question everyone hates to answer and i said it's time for some whitee chocolate to win here so needless to say white chocolate ttended on twitter, my home town is exploding with team white chocolate."
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you can see american idol tonight, tomorrow and thursday at 8pm here on fox45. 3&pi will be traveling to los angelee to meet up with thhs seasons finalists.... and have a live report from hollywood on thursday ight on fox455 neww at ten. 3 3 lovin' all the baltimore support. baltimore idol seems like it it was soooo long ago. what a journey. thank you guys
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for all of your prayers. i need them! sunny skies today... but rain is on the way. has your 7-day forecast right 3 after the break. day baltiiore. good
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bracelet. the drastic step some patients are takkng to pist their emergency informatio
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